Not all of us know which cause or world issue we're passionate about, but we do know what we like to do.  PeerSpring curates stories about how people have used their creative currencies and passions to invest in making a change.  Check out these examples or read the list below to get some ideas of what you might do.

Activist ...a "social justice" champion who leverages public opinion and awareness to raise awareness and money for a cause. Activists will...
  • change the law
  • donate
  • fundraise
  • organize
  • protest
  • volunteer
Artist ...a "creative expressionist" whose art-forms can illustrate the many wonders of this world. Artists will...
  • change the law
  • arrange
  • create
  • endorse
  • perform
  • produce
  • show
  • write
Athlete ...a "good sport" who goes beyond the game, a court or the field to make every move count. Athletes will...
  • aim
  • board
  • climb
  • compete
  • fly
  • get wet
  • ride
Believer ...a "person of faith" whose powerful system of belief can guide change in the world. Believers will...
  • minister
  • practice
  • pray
  • serve
Caretaker ...a "provider of love" whose home-based activities are strong foundations of support for those in need. Caretakers will...
  • care for
  • fix up
  • host
  • nurture
  • play
  • rescue/li>
  • transport
  • Nature Lover ...a "green warrior" whose eco-activism plants seeds for a brighter future. Nature lovers will...
  • beautify
  • conserve & recycle
  • plant
Specialist "information activist" whose deep-subject knowledge can influence and mobilize groups of people. Specialists will...
  • budget
  • consult
  • invent
  • learn
  • teach
  • translate
Socialite ...a "philanthro-partier" who weaves social fun and social causes into every social interaction. Socialites will...
  • connect
  • discuss
  • entertain
  • network
  • plan
Techie ...a "hactivist" whose creation and play of digitally-based properties will be a game-changer in a world of good. Techies will...
  • click
  • code
  • design