Teachers' Corner

Explore our teacher curated Curriculum + Tools which are purposed to help your students develop:

    • critical thinking and problem solving
    • creativity and innovation
    • communication and collaboration
    • digital and media literacy
    • information literacy
    • financial, economic and entrepreneurial literacy
    • global awareness
    • leadership and social / emotional responsibility
    • social and cross cultural skills
NOTE: Although 95% of young Americans ages 13 and up use the internet, and 75% have broadband at home, only 54% of middle and high schools have good access. This "digital divide" is a considerable obstacle to college and career readiness.  In addition, studies have found that students' civic and political interest increase with access to a wide variety of informational news media and hands-on activities. Though we are a youth-facing product, we are dedicated to supporting a diverse number of teachers and administrators who likewise want to share information and make connections across institutional and international lines in order to advance themselves and their students.